System of payment

The GROUPJANEOUTLET.COM web site shall only accept payment by means of credit cards of PayPal. Jané, S.A., guarantees that each one of the transactions carried out on its web site is 100% secure. All transactions that involve the transmission of personal or bank data shall be carried out in a secure environment. GROUPJANEOUTLET.COM uses a server based on standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security technology. All information sent to us is sent in encrypted form over the internet.

Similarly, your credit-card details are not recorded in any database. Those details go directly to the bank’s PoS (Point of Sale) terminal or to PayPal.

The PoS used by GROUPJANEOUTLET.COM is managed by the Spanish financial entity CaixaBank. In addition, please note that to provide greater security to credit-card holders, the GROUPJANEOUTLET.COM payment gateway includes the secure-payment called SEC (Secure Electronic Commerce). In that way, the holder of a “secured” card can make payments using a Visa or MasterCard at GROUPJANEOUTLET.COM. If your card is not part of that payment system, you will not be able to make purchases or place orders.

When payment is made using Visa or MasterCard, in both cases, the following details shall be requested: the card number the expiry date, and a validation code that is made up of the last 3 digits of the number printed in italic numerals on the reverse of your Visa card or your MasterCard. That offers more guarantees concerning the security of the transaction. The process or procedure can be changed without notice.

Payment using Secure Electronic Commerce is a way of guaranteeing internet transactions. The main aim is to provide greater security for internet users as well as for businesses that sell over the internet, to authenticate the purchaser as the real holder of the card that is being used. In practice, when you pay with a “secure” Visa card or MasterCard, in addition to the number and date of expiry, you will be asked for a personal code for the sole use of internet purchases. That code unmistakeably identifies you as the holder. In that way, no-one will be able to make an internet purchase without that code. Credit-card fraud is a crime, and JANÉ, S.A., shall ALWAYS take legal and / or judicial action against people who carry out fraudulent transactions at the GROUPJANEOUTLET.COM shop of JANÉ, S.A.

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