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Minnum adapts to you and your city.

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- Ultra light aluminium chassis.
- Easy, compact folding system, extra light aluminium chassis and excellent manoeuvrability.
- Height adjustable closed handlebar.
- Backrest: Adjustable to 3 positions.
- Dual action brakes.
- Reversible seat.
- Front and rear suspension.

- Group 0+
- Ventilation system that guarantees permanent air circulation.
- All round protection.
-  Adjustable harnesses with 3 positions.
- Supplement with an Expanded Polystyrene core that improves the protection in the event of side impact.
- Ergonomic carrying handle with 4 different positions.
- Ergonomic and padded pillow that supports the neck and body of the smallest babies.
- 3-point safety harness.
- Pro fi x system that means you can easily fi t it on and off any Jané chassis.
- Correct installation test.

The Micro carrycot from Jané provides a practical and light option for transporting the baby while he rests. The quick, simple way it unfolds makes it very useful in situations that require a simple and safe response. The attractive design is based on a top quality anodised aluminium structure giving it great stability. The rigid one-piece base lets the baby rest in complete comfort. The hood can be folded with the structure making it all very compact. The Micro carrycot includes a foot cover with a zip all the way round making it easier to handle the baby.

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